Fine Art Paper Options

I offer a variety of acid-free papers for you to choose from for all fine art prints, including satin, linen-textured, canvas-textured, watercolour, pearl metallic, matte fine art, and glossy. Each paper is chosen for its excellent archival, museum exhibition quality.

Satin paper: A crisp white 255 gsm (66 lb) paper with a satin texture that enhances details and creates vibrant, vivid colours and deep, saturated blacks. The satin surface minimizes fingerprints and the soft luster finish makes this an excellent choice for framing and display. Available for 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 13x19 prints.

Linen-textured paper: An acid-free, archival matte paper with a delicate embossed linen texture for added visual interest. This is a 230 gsm (60 lb) medium-weight paper option. Available for greeting cards and 8x10 prints.

Canvas-textured paper: This paper offers a texture similar to that of canvas, which adds an extra dimension of interest to art prints. A higher level of texture when compared to the linen-textured paper. This is a 230 gsm (60 lb) paper. Please note that this is a textured paper, and not actual canvas. Available for greeting cards and 8x10 prints.

Watercolour paper: If you want your art print to look and feel as close to the original painting as possible, this paper is a great choice. Made from 100% cotton, this gives the classic look of a watercolour painting, with a textured surface the same as what I paint on (but formulated for professional ink prints). This is a natural white tone paper that is museum-grade archival. It is the thickest, heaviest-weight paper at 315 gsm (84 lb). Available for 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 13x19 prints.

Pearl Metallic paper: This is a gorgeous specialty paper that allows prints to take on a brilliant, almost luminescent quality. Colours on this paper are vibrant and saturated. This look closely resembles art prints on metal. It has a gloss finish with a pearlescent base that achieves a metallic effect. This is a unique option if you want something a little different or more striking. This is a 255 gsm (66 lb) paper. Available for 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14 prints.

Matte fine art paper: This is a 100% refined cotton art paper that is acid-free and completely archival. It features a natural white tone (with no optical brighteners) and a semi-smooth surface. This is a 250 gsm (64 lb) medium-weight paper. Available for 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 13x19 prints.

Gloss paper: An exhibition quality glossed paper with a nice thickness at 325 gsm, this is a lovely choice if you want some shine to your print. Available for 5x7 prints.